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Types of Funds
The CenDel Foundation offers many fund types and philanthropic services to help you achieve your charitable goals.  You can use several types of assets including cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, or bequests as tax deductible gifts to create your fund or donate to one that already exists.  You select a name of your choosing for a new fund.  Most funds can be established with a gift minimum of $10,000 or a Fund Builder can be opened with $2,000 and a commitment to increase the fund by $2,000 each year over the next five (5) years.

Annual Fund
If you are not ready to establish your own fund, but would like to support Central Delaware you are invited to join our “Circle of Friends” with a minimum gift of $100.
Designated Funds
If there are special charities that are meaningful to you, you can create a designated fund to sustain their operations forever.  Designated funds often are used as memorials.
Donor-Advised Funds
You can create a fund with the name of your choosing and make grant recommendations from the fund on an ongoing basis-similar to a private foundation.  You can pass your fund to the next generation to carry on your family’s philanthropy.
Field-of-Interest Funds
You determine the general purpose of the fund based on your primary charitable interests, such as education, the environment, etc.  You then delegate the grant making decisions to the volunteer leaders and professional staff of CenDel.  They will identify the most appropriate nonprofits recipients within your specific area of interest.
Non-Profit Endowment
Charitable institutions provide for their own long-term stability by creating a nonprofit endowment fund.
Scholarship Funds
Your fund provides financial assistance to students or professionals to advance their education.  You suggest the standards by which candidates are selected.  $25,000 is the minimum required to start a scholarship fund.
Unrestricted Funds
When you establish an unrestricted fund you entrust your philanthropic decision making to the volunteer leaders  and professional staff at the CenDel Foundation.  These funds are used by the Foundation to address the community’s most pressing needs over time.


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