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For the price of a cup of coffee you can make a difference in Kent County.

Making a difference in Central Delaware has never been easier! Since its founding in 2008, the CenDel Foundation has distributed more than $2 million in grants and funding to nonprofits.

For the daily price of a cup of coffee you can now help CenDel further its mission to improve the lives of those living in Kent County. For just $2.73 a day, you can join the list of leaders in Central Delaware who believe in our mission, who believe in supporting nonprofits and who believe in growing philanthropy in Central Delaware.

To support the CenDel Foundation, you can make a yearly pledge of $2.73 per day, paid annually or monthly. You can also join our March to 100 Founders Program by pledging $2.73 per day or $1,000 annually for five years. To support CenDel for the price of a daily cup of coffee, please give us a call at 302-724-7538 or email tenish@cendelfoundation.org.

More About CenDel’s Efforts:

Protecting Vulnerable Citizens: Funding recipients through the Potter Trust have included the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, which used the funding to save lives through early detection efforts. Funds have also been distributed to Catholic Charities, Communities in Schools, the Milford Housing Development Corporation, Cancer Support Community of Delaware and many other organizations which provide crisis funding, access to healthcare and meals for those in need.

Supporting Education: To encourage the love of reading, CenDel partnered with Read Aloud Delaware to promote literacy by distributing 500 books to the children who attended the Restoring Central Delaware Community Fair. In 2017, CenDel also announced the creation of the new Dr. C. Edward Graybeal Scholarship Fund, with an initial donation of $100,000, to fund scholarships to exceptional students at Milford High School. The first student was awarded the scholarship in May.

Supporting Nonprofits: The CenDel Community Building offers reduced-cost rent and utilities to nonprofits. The building is located at the corner of Loockerman and Bradford Streets in downtown Dover. The Foundation has also offered a variety of programs to Kent County nonprofits to support their various missions. We strive to be a vital part of the community.

Supporting the Arts: In August, CenDel was proud to announce $24,000 in grants to more than one dozen arts-focused organizations, including the Delaware Choral Society, Delaware Friends of Folk, Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Dover Symphony Orchestra, Inner City Cultural League, Kent Chamber Choir, the Children’s Theatre and many others.

If you have provided funding to the CenDel Foundation in the past, we thank you! If you’d like to learn more about how to support our important work, please call 302-724-7538 or email tenish@cendelfoundation.org.

Mutiple Donations

Ellison Carey
Eugenia Thornton & Donovan Jagger
Kathleen & James Hawkins
Kim & Scott Connell
Lisa & Jennings Hastings
Peni & Melville Warren

Single Donations

Ali Stark & Frank Fantini
Angela & Robert MacLeish
Ann & Ed Dulin
Anne Crothers
Bayhealth Medical Center
Betsy & Wayne Holden
Betty & William H. Willis
Carey & Michael Koppenhaver
Cindy & David Small
Clara"Dolly" Thornton
Courtney Duncan
Debra & Douglas Catts
Delaware Electric Cooperation
Diane & Gerald Street
Dianne & Richard Headley
Donna & LD Shank
Donna & Michael Harrington
Dover Federal Credit Union
Dover Heritage Trail
Elaine & Sherman Townsend
Faw Casson
Gregory Moore
Harrington Charitable Foundation
Harrington Raceway & Casino
Heather & Brian Stetina
I. G Burton
Janet & David Clendaniel
John & Sophia Ghanayem
Judith Pflaumer
Karen & Harry Willis
Kathy Andrus & Gary Traynor
Kim & Raymond Book
Louisa Phillips
Lydia & Jim Tucker
Lynn & Robert Edgell
M & T Bank
Margo & Howell Wallace
Marie & Thomas Barnett
Marsha G. Cauthen
Mary & Fred Kaltreider
Mary Jane & Bill Willis
Okemah & Bill Strickland
Patti & Bill Andrew
Patti & Gene Key
PNC Bank
Poore's Propane
Rebecca & Scott Kidner
Rosemary Twilley
Susan & Bill Johnston
Susan & Shane Breakie
Tammy & Gregory Ordway
Terri & Scott Brown
Theresa & Charles Sterner
Tonda & Joe Parks
Vicky & Abel Marquez


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