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First Graybeal Scholarship Awarded Through the CenDel Foundation
The CenDel Foundation is proud to announce the first recipient of a scholarship from the Dr. C. Edward Graybeal Scholarship Fund. Milford High School senior Valeria Coverdale was awarded the scholarship at the High School’s Senior Night in May.
Dr. Graybeal, the scholarship’s namesake, understands the value of financial aid in helping further students’ academic careers. He established the scholarship fund with the help of the CenDel Foundation early in 2017. Dr. Graybeal grew up on a dairy farm in Rising Sun Maryland, and while he never went hungry, there was not a lot of money. Through the help of scholarships and hard work, Dr. Graybeal was able to achieve success in his academic endeavors.
“With some tuition and scholarship help, and working in the dining room a minimum of 15 hours a week for room and board, I was able to attend the University of Maryland in the pre-med program. In three years I was only two credits short of getting my degree when I was accepted into The School of Medicine at the University of Maryland in Baltimore. There again, I received some scholarship help. I am pleased to be able to help some young students attend college or a trade school,” Dr. Graybeal said.
Similarly, Coverdale has had her own challenges to face to reach her goals, and is grateful for the opportunities this scholarship has afforded her.
“For the past four years of my high school experience, I have lived under the philosophy that I would always try my hardest in academics, no matter if recognition was given or not. Of course now that my hard work has received recognition and even been awarded, I am eternally grateful to those who have decided that my achievements were adequate,” Coverdale said.
Specifically, Coverdale thanked Dr. Graybeal for the financial investment in her future.
“For many people the fear of the unknown comes in the instability that lies within the security of their safety. For me that insecurity fell with the financial struggle I would face once I entered college, but with this scholarship you have given me one of the greatest gifts one can receive: the feeling of security and peace of mind. I promise my sponsor that he will be proud of me and I will uphold this scholarship with honor and hard work,” Coverdale said.
Coverdale will be attending the University of Delaware in the fall and plans to major in Political Science.
The CenDel Foundation, in partnership with the Delaware Community Foundation, is committed to helping generous people transform the community through charitable giving.


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