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CenDel Foundation Announces Funding Milestone!
$2 Million Distributed to Central Delaware Since 2008
 The CenDel Foundation, based in Dover, reached an important funding milestone in September. Since its founding in 2008, the Foundation has distributed more than $2 million in grants and funding to non-profits in central Delaware. The money has helped numerous organizations with a variety of important projects, improving the lives of those living in Central Delaware.
Funding recipients have included the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, which used the funding to save lives through early detection efforts.  Funds have also been distributed to Catholic Charities, Communities in Schools, the Milford Housing Development Corporation, Cancer Support Community of Delaware and many other organizations which provide crisis funding, access to healthcare and meals for those in need. The organizations received funding from the Benjamin Potter Trust, established in 1843 to benefit Kent County’s most vulnerable citizens. The Trust is one of the oldest in the United States.
“The funding we received helped women with financial issues related to their cancer treatment journey. The funds helped women pay for co-pays, wigs and transportation for treatments. We were so grateful for the funding,” said Vicky Cooke of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.
CenDel, in partnership with the Delaware Community Foundation, is also proud to facilitate the yearly distribution of funds from the Kent County Fund for the Arts. In August, $24,000 was awarded to more than one dozen arts-focused organizations, including the Delaware Choral Society, Delaware Friends of Folk, Delaware Shakespeare Festival, Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Dover Symphony Orchestra, Inner City Cultural League, Kent Chamber Choir, the Children’s Theatre and many others.
The CenDel Foundation’s mission is to increase philanthropic giving and action in our communities, enhancing the lives of those living in central Delaware. With generous support from donors, the Foundation has fostered charitable giving throughout Central Delaware through grant-making and by partnering with other non-profits to support innovative projects.
In 2016, CenDel launched a series of educational seminars, aiding non-profits with development and expansion within the communities they serve. These programs provided attendees the opportunity to network with each other and allowed many to identify ways to pool their often limited resources to reach a much larger audience.  The seminars continued in 2017 and will, once again, be offered next year.
The Foundation is also focused on education. Reading Literacy is the foundation for learning and statistics have shown that a child’s achievement in school is directly related to their ability to read and comprehend the material presented in the classroom. To encourage the love of reading, CenDel partnered with Read Aloud Delaware to promote literacy by distributing 500 books to the children who attended the Restoring Central Delaware Community Fair.  In 2017, CenDel also announced the creation of the new Dr. C. Edward Graybeal Scholarship Fund, with an initial donation of $100,000, to fund scholarships to exceptional students at Milford High School. The first student was awarded the scholarship in May.
None of these projects would have been possible without the generous support of donors and the Foundation’s all-volunteer board, committee members and engaged supporters.
According to CenDel Board President Tonda Parks, “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our donors and the dedication of volunteers. I strongly believe the CenDel Foundation has had a lasting impact on the community and we will continue to work hard to make Central Delaware a better place for all of us to live.”
To learn more about how you can transform Central Delaware through grant-making, please visit www.cendelfoundation.org or call the CenDel Foundation at 302-724-7538.
Photo Caption: CenDel’s Board of Directors, left to right: Jennings Hastings, Judith Pflaumer, Tonda Parks, Kathleen Hawkins, Jeremy Tucker, Tenish Gregory, Executive Assistant, Charlie Sterner, Courtney Connell, Mel Warren. Not pictured are Patricia Key, Nisha Lodhavia, Richard Gentsch and Pablo Velazquez.


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